ライブにドラマあり – dramatic in the live –


The live performances of music, stage, performance, and session have direct production, presence, and facial expressions. But there are moments that are almost invisible to the naked eye. You can see if it ’s a photo, you can tell if it ’s a photo. I like such photos, so I want to tell them.






Born in Osaka, 47-year-old Osaka-born (born 1972).
In my father’s influence as a cameraman, I grow up familiar with photographs from an early age. When I was a student, I studied photography at the same time as an assistant at my father’s photo studio. At that time it was still a film camera.

After graduating from college, I found a job once, but the company is not fit for myself, and I want to go freelance. But it wasn’t the photographer who advanced, but the web designer. He became independent at the age of 29 and has been working on Web production for 18 years. We are still working on web production (website is here).
Photos are also necessary for web production, so I often shoot myself. There are many opportunities to shoot family and friends, and the photo history is about 11 years.

In 2019, when the first year of Japan became a peace, I began to work on photography in earnest. The opportunity is the same as when I started Web production. The basic way of thinking about work in my life is to “do the best I can do to live” , that is, to improve my skills and to be useful to those who have provided it. I feel this is the happiest in my life.

In fact, I am in charge of photography and video in Osaka Local Media called “Bochi Bochi”, which has been operating for about 4 years, and I have been covering valuable events in Osaka, which are not often covered by major media. I felt that I needed the most of the photos of this event in Osaka, a local area in Japan. No matter how great the event was held, I wanted to manage the situation where there was no media to convey it or no photographer to take photos.

My life as a cameraman, which began from such a feeling, I can take an ideal picture every time I go on, and now I can do a photo job very much. I am very grateful to the people who gave me this opportunity.
I would like to strive every day to provide photos and videos that will delight everyone.

2019.06 今井 剛